Are you looking to improve the performance of your Tata Sumo from as little as £109? Performance tuning boxes are one of the simplest and most effective ways to instantly increase your Sumo’s performance delivering ECU Remap levels of HP increase, whilst also delivering improved MPG.

Why tuning chips over ECU remaps?

You’ve probably already done a fair bit of googling, and if you have, you’ll no doubt have come across a huge range of opinions on RaceChips over ECU remaps. Some completely swear by their tuning boxes whilst others are adamant that ECU remaps are the way to go. The reality is, a tuning box delivery a tremendous power increase, in a simple, easily reversible method. The power increase of the tuning chip is instant and can easily be removed should you sell your car, leaving no trace of the kit having been fitted. The kits aren’t universal, they come pre-installed with a carefully developed mapping built bespoke for your Tata Sumo, and even more specifically to your car’s engine. In short, if you’re looking for a quick win at a low cost, the tuning chip can’t be beaten.

To find the tuning box for your car, check out the table below to get an idea of the power and torque increases you can expect on your Tata Sumo. To find the prices simply click the button at the bottom of the window where you’ll be taken to the UK’s leading tuning chip provider RaceChip.

Find your chip by model variant

Tata Sumo RaceChip One

RaceChip One
Tata Sumo RaceChip Pro 2

RaceChip Pro 2
Tata Sumo RaceChip Ultimate

RaceChip Ultimate
Customer Rating
RaceChip One

RaceChip Pro 2

RaceChip Ultimate

Sumo (from 2008) 2.2 DiCOR (120 HP/ 88 kW) 250Nm

RaceChip One

19% increase
Now: 143HP

20% increase
Now: 300Nm

RaceChip Pro 2

25% increase
Now: 150HP

25% increase
Now: 313Nm

RaceChip Ultimate

30% increase
Now: 156HP

30% increase
Now: 325Nm


Typical cost of Tata Sumo tuning kit

It really depends on a few factors how much you’ll pay, but as a guide the Sumo boxes from RaceChip vary from £109 to £299, so you can of course expect a greater performance increase if you spend the little extra now. In comparison to other methods of increasing car performance the tuning chip is by far one of the most cost effective for such a great and instant power improvement.

RaceChip Power Improvements, Top Speed and Acceleration

We’ve tried to source a video detailing more information on the Sumo tuning box which you can watch through YouTube below.

You can see the detailed power improvements broken down by model variant of the Tata Sumo above, so use that for a more accurate estimation. But as a rough guide you can expect approximately a 20% increase with the Chip One, 25% with Pro 2 and 30% with the ultimate. These are all substantial increases that will be very noticeable when driving. Power isn’t the only benefit of these devices though, you can expect to see improved fuel economy, greater throttle response and an increase in torque. The most noticeable gains are accelerating where the increased torque and power will truly make a surprising difference.

Do NOT buy cheap

As much as we love tuning boxes, there are plenty on the market that are utter rubbish, so please don’t be tempted to buy the cheap stuff, stick to trusted brands like RaceChip. It’s important that your chip has been specifically tailored to map the fuel correctly to your specific model of Tata Sumo and some of the cheaper remapping boxes won’t have.

Why Choose RaceChip

Aside from being one of the leading, most trusted, most reliable and best performing tuning box suppliers available, there are lots of other reasons to choose RaceChip including:

  • Up to 30% More Power
  • Improved Fuel Economy Giving a Greater MPG
  • Control Your Chip From Your iPhone or Android
  • 2 Year Engine Warranty For Great Peace of Mind
  • 5 Year Product Warranty
  • Quick and Easy Plug-in Installation
  • The Market Leader

Are Tuning Boxes Safe?

Absolutely. Your Sumo is your pride and joy and the last thing you want is to cause it any damage. Tuning Boxes are completely safe as long as you stick to the recognised brands. Where the chip has been custom mapped to suit your car it will deliver a safe and reliable power increase that has been tested and proven. The advantage of the tuning box is that it plugs in and works behind the car’s ECU, so your ECU is still in control of the car, for extra comfort that your ECU is still keeping your car safe.

Tata Sumo RaceChip Fitting instructions

All RaceChip products will come with detailed fitting instructions for your Tata Sumo making the process a breeze. With photos and even in some cases videos, the installation of your tuning box to your Sumo couldn’t be simpler. As a guide you can expect your chip to take around 10 to 30 minutes to install in total.

Tata Sumo Review

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